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A dog's eye view

I'm an amateur photographer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  My work is occasionally found hanging in one of a few local venues, but mostly I just shoot for myself.  For most of my working life I've been a musician, among other things; I currently work in a music library.  But my eyes have always brought me more interesting things than my ears.  I was fascinated by cameras and pictures as a little kid, but didn't make serious attempts at learning photography until about 2005. 

What I prefer to anything is spending days and nights under the sky in wildish places, and the desire to bring back reflections of those times was the primary driver of my interest in photography.  Landscape and nature still constitute the bulk of my subject matter, but I occasionally branch out.

So what's a dog's eye view?  Maybe the view from 12 inches off the ground, or the view of  the ground, or the view you miss when you're somewhere other than the present....  Only the dogs know for sure.

Many of the images on this site are available as prints in sizes from 8 x 10 to 16 x 24.  For details, or if you just have questions about anything you see here, send an e-mail to greg(at)dogseye(dot)net.

Gregory Dailey